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Music genres / Metal, Heavy, Power Scullplug 0 1 521  15.07.23 
Performer: Mekong Delta
Album: In A Mirror Darkly
Label: Steamhammer. Made in Germany.
Catalog #: SPV 266032 CD
Style: Progressive Thrash Metal
Year: 2014
Format: FLAC (image + .cue)
Bitrate: lossless
Covers: in archive
Amount of tracks: 08
Size RAR: ~ 492 mb
Recovery: 3%
Password: without a password

"In a Mirror Darkly" is the 10th full-length studio album by German technical/progressive metal act Mekong Delta. The album was released through Steamhammer Records in April 2014. The music style on "In a Mirror Darkly" is a technical type of progressive metal with strong thrash metal leanings. Mekong Delta are relatively distinct sounding but if I have to mention some references it would be artists like Psychotic Waltz and Fates Warning at their heaviest. Lead vocalist Martin LeMar (who at times has a pretty thick German accent) is more of a US power metal type singer though. Pretty powerful and raw sounding but also capable of singing more melodic clean vocals. Just from listening to the opening trio of tracks, the classical tinged acoustic nylon string guitar intro, the instrumental "Ouverture", and the heavy, thrashy, and aggressive "The Armageddon Machine", it is pretty clear that this is a varied and very cleverly composed release, but the whole album is full of great challenging tracks and high level musicianship. The sound production is also well sounding and suits the music perfectly.

01. Introduction [2:13]
02. Ouverture [5:05]
03. The Armageddon Machine [6:38]
04. The Sliver In Gods Eye [5:24]
05. Janus [6:40]
06. Inside The Outside Of The Outside [5:45]
07. Hindsight Bias [6:16]
08. Mutant Messiah [7:13]
Total time [00:45:13]
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