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Serious Black - Mirrorworld - Limited Edition (2016)

Music genres / Metal, Heavy, Power maestro 0 232  12.09.23 
Performer: Serious Black
Album: Mirrorworld - Limited Edition
Label: AFM Records. Made in DE.
Catalog #: AFM 567-9
Style: Power Metal
Year: 2016
Format: FLAC (image + .cue)
Bitrate: lossless
Covers: in archive
Amount of tracks: 16
Size ZIP: ~ 570 mb
Password: without a password

I do enjoy short albums I can have easily in one sitting (you could literally watch a movie in the length of time it takes to spin the new Nightwish, for fuck’s sake), and so this is a nice record to consume on a quick walk. It helps that all the songs are of a high quality, and as this is probably the most Serious Black have leaned on the up-tempo power metal aspects of their sound, I’ve been spinning it a fair bit. Urban Breed sounds much better here than he did on ‘Suite 226’, more like his old Tad Morose self but a bit softer, as fitting for the material, which is generally very melodic, keyboardy power metal that functions as a run through conventions set out by Edguy, Helloween, and Stratovarius, with a tip of the hat towards old Queensryche. After a pointless symphonic intro (didn’t these go out of fashion fifteen years ago?) we launch into ‘As Long As I’m Alive’, a killer double kicker with a great verse and invigorating chorus, straight into one of Serious Black’s best tunes, the mighty ‘Castor Skies’. This one has plenty of harpsichord runs and snappy riffing before hitting the absolutely stellar chorus, probably my favorite moment on the whole disc. ‘Heartbroken Soul’ ends the trio of slick opening cuts, another highlight with a downhearted lyric and some nice melodic play.

01. Serious Black - Breaking The Surface [1:52]
02. Serious Black - As Long As I'm Alive [4:01]
03. Serious Black - Castor Skies [4:24]
04. Serious Black - Heartbroken Soul [3:46]
05. Serious Black - Dying Hearts [5:02]
06. Serious Black - You're Not Alone [3:41]
07. Serious Black - Mirrorworld [5:03]
08. Serious Black - Emotional Blackmail (Bonus Track) [4:08]
09. Serious Black - The Life That You Want (Bonus Track) [4:29]
10. Serious Black - State Of My Despair [4:28]
11. Serious Black - The Unborn Never Die [3:53]
12. Serious Black - This Machine Is Broken (Bonus Track) [4:35]
13. Serious Black - Hello Moon (Bonus Track) [4:12]
14. Serious Black - Goodbye My Angel (Bonus Track) [4:34]
15. Serious Black - I Show You My Heart (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track) [5:14]
16. Serious Black - Sealing My Fate (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track) [3:19]
Total time [01:06:40]
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